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I believe words are magic...

Welcome to the official site of Ivica Duricova, author of business and fiction books.

I wrote my first fairy tale when I was 7 and since then I haven’t been able to stop. Compositions for school, poems and short stories, most of which ended up buried in my drawer, but not all...

My first big success came shortly before graduating high school. There was a Pan European literary competition for short sci-fi stories written in German and I won. Maybe this was one of the reasons I decided to study German at the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic.

I could have become a teacher but writing was still a very important part of my life. In the end, instead of teaching languages, I became a professional copywriter and established my own company called Adlervia. After a couple of years, having written hundreds of copies, I felt that it was time for another step in my writing career…The books.

Up until today, two have been published. Both are business books but deep down inside, there is still a little girl who has always wanted to create new fantasy worlds and amazing stories which could inflame one's imagination and awaken one’s curiosity. Now, no longer 7 but 31, I wrote my first fiction book which has been translated into English.

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The Books

  • The Golden Bond
  • Zlaté puto


  • 10TH OF MAY

    Did the world’s greatest leaders have special abilities?

    The new theory is based on an American study of the power of personality and the transmission of emotions and is based on historical facts. Notable personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Adolf Hitler are proof of what a strong charisma can accomplish. Is it possible that some people have the ability to change the whole world?


    Once Upon A Time...

    From a dog and a forest fire to Thursdays, Russia and finally allowing myself to be an author – that could be a short résumé of my becoming-an-author story. Let's move on to the longer one...

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